"We are Passionately committed to excellence and this is force behind our success"

Oms Infra strength is based on its highly motivated staff who have gained many years of experience working on complex projects at home and other Countries. A further asset is the interdisciplinary composition of Oms Infra project teams.

We have a multi-disciplined team of Engineers, Architects, Planners and Technical professionals with varied experience in every dimension of Infrastructure Projects from Planning to preparing Preliminary drawings, Detailed Engineering, Design of Projects including Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, and Urban Development etc. Our team comprised of well qualified, experienced, competent professionals from leading institutions like IIT, IIIT, NIT and reputed Engineering Colleges.

We have rich experience in National projects across Pan India with reputed infrastructure enterprises.

Each member of the team is selected to meet the high-Quality standards that OMS Infra articulates. They are well trained and inspired continuously to deliver excellent services to each project.

Our team


P. Penchal Reddy

GM - Structures


A. Ravi Shankar

GM - Highways


M. Hari Srinivas Reddy

Vice President - Operations